Some of the questions we got asked form our customers! 

Q. Do you make this yourself and what oils you use?

A. No, we get it from our supplier based in UK and they make the perfumes using high quality Synthetic oils.

Ingredients: Ethanol (denatured), Parfum (comprising of a blend of natural and mostly synthetic oils), DPG, Aqua.

Q. Are the perfumes halal?

A. Beauty products including perfumes are made with Alcohol Denat. It is NOT the Alcohol that people drink or consume.

Alcohol Denat
1. Is a great solvent, a liquid substance capable of dissolving and provides a solution/mix of oils.
2. Is antimicrobial, helps to disinfect the skin and it is common in after-shaves and beauty products

If you have any questions you can write to us and we will try to answer them!